Traditional handicrafts are alive and well in Bavaria

As in days gone by, Bavaria is still home to handicraft businesses with three generations all living and working together under one roof cleverly combining age-old wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation with 21st century handicraft innovations.

Atelier Thomas Leismüller - Partenkirchen “living workshops”

A look behind the scenes: Partenkirchen “living workshops" »

Artisans in Partenkirchen open their workshops to the public in the summer, giving visitors a chance to look over their shoulder as they work and even inviting them to get creative themselves.

Hand blown glass - glas forest in Eastern Bavaria

Glass factories in Eastern Bavaria and in the Bavarian Forest »

A large number of artisan and artistic glass factories can be found along the Glass Road: They give visitors the chance to watch as glass products are made individually by hand.

Christmas tree decorations by Gunnar Schweizer

Christmas tree decorations by Gunnar Schweizer »

Gunnar Schweizer is one of the world’s last active artists crafting filigree Christmas balls

Violin making museum in Mittenwald

Mittenwald and the tradition of making violins »

It was Matthias Klotz (1653-1743) who introduced his home town to the expertise and inspiration that he had brought with him from Italy.

Madonna in wood

Oberammergau, home of the 500 year-old handicraft of wood carving »

On every street corner and in every alleyway are wood carving shops selling an amazing array of nativity scenes, angels, Madonnas, crosses and figures of the saints. Anyone wanting to enjoy a more hands-on approach to wood carving can learn the basics by joining one of the five-day courses on offer.

Cowbells from the Allgäu

Cow bells from the Allgaeu »

In the Allgäu the ancient craft of hand made cow bells is one that is still very much alive today.

"Hutkönig" (hatking) - address for hat-loving customers in Regensburg

The Hatking of Regensburg »

Europe's one and only master craftsman for both lady's and gentleman's hats is Andreas Nuslan with "Meister" titles for hat-making and modiste. The "Hutkönig" (hatking) has been a well-known address for hat-loving customers in Regensburg for more than a 100 years.

Füssen  - centre of lute and violin making industry image.enlarge
Füssen - centre of lute and violin making industry © Füssen Tourismus und Marketing