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This section contains brochures about Bavaria, which provide useful contacts, essential information, local etiquette, accommodation, eateries and lots of insider tips. Furthermore you can find a map of Bavaria including information on the best places to visit.

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Bavaria E-brochure »

This publication represents the originality of Bavarians, and respect for their land and its beauty. It embraces wonderfully-preserved medieval towns of half-timbered buildings. It stands for the ancient crafts of making beer and wine. It is Bavaria at its traditional best. >> This brochure is also available in the following languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. (to be found on the particular website)

Bavaria - Summer 2016 »

Just read this brochure and inspire all the senses for a holiday in Bavaria!

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This brochure will be your guide when searching accommodation in castles, listed buildings or contemporary hotels. Our Sighsleeping hotels are worth seeing and feeling experiencing.