Memminger Kinderfest

Memmingen Children's Festival

Every year on a Thursday in July, Memmingen gets a rather unique wake-up call.

Memmingen Children's Festival

Every year on a Thursday in July, Memmingen gets a rather unique wake-up call.

Memmingen Children's Festival harks back to a 400-year-old tradition of walking to school in the springtime. The Children's Festival is still based on the idea of praising the schoolboys and schoolgirls to this day. In days gone by, the finest school children were acknowledged during the festival. These days, all of the children involved in the Children's Festival can look forward to receiving small gifts.

``A thousand nimble tongues chatter: Wonderful, old Children's Festival!``

It is clear that the Children's Festival is one of the highlights of the calendar in the town. Around 2,000 school children dress especially carefully on this day: The boys wear shirts and nice trousers. The girls wear skirts or dresses, and decorate their hair with summery floral wreaths.

Dressed appropriately for the festival, the children begin the day of celebration with a ecumenical church service. Later, they all meet at the market square, where they dance and sing songs. After a small snack – traditionally pretzels and "Schübling", an Allgäu boiled sausage – the afternoon begins with a children's procession before everyone heads to the large playing fields.

Marktplatz in Memmingen beim Kinderfest

Before the children and the people of Memmingen can spend a day celebrating, there is a lot to be prepared: As soon as the schools have decided upon the motto for the festival, the school children start making plans with the help of their teachers. Songs and dances are studied, the procession is organised, the booklet to accompany the festival is compiled by a different school each year.

Many dances have been being passed on for centuries.

Many details have been being passed on from year to year; some have existed for centuries. These include the formal dances, namely the Küfer, Schmied, Weber and Schneidertanz dances, which see the children reference the old handicrafts of Memmingen.


The pupils from the infant schools learn the various songs off by heart before singing them at the tops of their voices as they parade through the town. The children enthusiastically sing five traditional songs, including the "Kinderfestlied" (or children's festival song), on the market square, with the accompaniment of the town choir.

Later, during the large procession from Hallhof to the stadium, the school classes present themselves to the public. Some present fantastical topics that they have been covering in school; some hark back to the traditions with costumes and music groups. It is always extremely colourful. Once they have arrived at the stadium, the children do what they do best: play, play, play.

The next Children's Festival will take place on 21st July 2016. And then, once again, as a traditional Children's Festival dance states, "a thousand nimble tongues chatter: Wonderful, old Children's Festival!"

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