A temporary pub

Zoiglstuben in the Oberpfalz

A temporary pub

Zoiglstuben in the Oberpfalz

A Zoiglstube is a temporary pub in which everything is about spending quality time with neighbours, acquaintances and friends. And one thing is ever-present: Zoigl – a bottom-fermented, unfiltered beer.

The people of Oberpfalz have been brewing it for around 600 years in so-called "community breweries" (Kommunbrauhäuser). The citizens of a community hold the brewing rights and it is often linked to their houses and properties via land register entry, and has been for generations.

The citizens of a community hold the brewing rights for generations.

As ever, brewing takes one day. The brewer then takes his Zoigl to his cellar in a large cask, where he ferments it with yeast and stores it. The Zoigl can be sampled after four to six weeks.

The Zoigl calendar states who is currently serving their beer. Or, you can simply look on the street: The Zoigl star will tell you where to go. This six-pointed star – the brewers' guild emblem – is hung on the gables. The beer is drawn in turns: each Zoigl brewer generally serves their beer for one long weekend a month.


There used to be community breweries in 75 communities in the Oberpfalz. These days there are only five that continue to maintain the tradition of community brewing. They can be found in Eslarn, Falkenberg, Mitterteich, Neuhaus and Windischeschenbach.

As the Zoigl is unfiltered, the colour alone is very different from normal light beers. Dry in taste, its flavour is greater than that of conventional beers. And then every Zoigl brewer has their own recipe. Almost every brew has its own flavour.

The brewers' guild emblem - the six-pointed Zoigl star - will tell you where to go.

At present, twenty Zoigl brewers brew their beer in the five active community breweries. In addition, there are a number of pubs, which are supplied with the popular cellar beer by the community brewers or private breweries.

Anyone who has ever sat in a Zoiglstube, who has heard the musicians play, knows, having a great time together in a Zoiglstube is not something that is consigned to history, it is deeply rooted in the Oberpfalz.


115 kilometers on the Zoigl cycle trail

Getting on a bike is possibly the best way to follow in the steps of the Zoigl: The Zoigl cycle trail links up the former and active community breweries between Mitterteich in the north and Eslarn in the south. It doesn't matter how much time you allow yourself for your discoveries: Just make sure you take the Zoigl calendar with you!

Beim Zoiglbrauen