Nature Park Altmühltal

In the middle of Bavaria lies the Nature Park Altmühltal, one of the most popular holiday areas of South Germany. Unique natural spectacles and valuable landscape areas are conserved here and several attractions are created for visitors. Discover a fascinating landscape of Bavaria. En-route with a boat, a bike or on foot there are magnificent palaces, sublime castles and wonderful churches and monasteries to admire. Admirable are also the many Latin evidences in Altmühltal: Estates, castles and watchtowers were built up like they were standing once at the limes. Quarries and the museum of fossils in the naturel park take you farther back in history.

Impressive Jura Mountains lime rocks, gentle river meanders or sunny valleys – the land of Altmühltal has several faces. The most beautiful and known are the Danube resurgence between Kelheim and Monastry Weltenburg, the group of rocks called „12 Apostle” in Esslingen near Solnhofen and the natural monument „Steinerne Rinne“ near Wolfsbronn. The examples emphasize: The landscape is a valuable heritage - and their beauty alone is task enough to protect it.

Geographical position

Between the metropolitan area of Nürnberg / Fürth / Erlangen / Schwabach / Augsburg / Regensburg


2962 km²

Type of landscape

Mixed forest, inshore waters, dry biotopes, juniper, lime and Dolomites rocks, terrain: low mountain range - multiform Franconian mountains

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