Sleeping with an eye for art

The new Sightsleeping® Hotels brand offers accommodation for people with an eye for art in selected hotels throughout Bavaria. Sightsleepers can stay in castles, palaces or contemporary hotels with a particular visual appeal.

In Bavaria the sightseeing starts the minute you open your eyes and go down to breakfast…

Criteria for Sightsleeping®-Hotels

The jury comprising experts from the fields of art, design, marketing and travel journalism based their selection on the following criteria: a Sightsleeping® hotel has to be a castle, palace or similar listed building and must exhibit other interior design features such as paintings, prints, drawings or sculptures all displaying the same conceptual idea. The jury also evaluated any contemporary furniture used. In addition to providing accommodation in a place of interest a Sightsleeping® hotel should also offer a wide programme of activities such as author readings, concerts or drama performances.

Accommodation for Aesthetes

The Sightsleeping® brand stands for a new type of encounter tourism combining wellbeing, art and culture with more active experiences. The jury was unanimous in its acceptance of the Nebelhorn Relaxhotel that displays a successful combination of a wonderful interior and attractive design. According to Dr. Martin Spanting, Executive Director of BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH’s Sightsleeping® brand: “Applicants were only selected following intense discussions. We chose hotels that are unequivocally worthy of the label “Accommodation for people with an eye for art”. Michael Pause, editor-in-chief of Bavarian Television’s leisure division elucidated the selection process: “I felt that it was crucial to evaluate the authenticity. True experiences are the result of the genuine and not of the superficial.“


Aerial view of Schloss Neuburg©Hotel Schloss Neuburg

Burg Rabenstein image.enlarge
Burg Rabenstein © Burg Rabenstein Event GmbH