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- Freyung -
River Ilz
River Ilz, © Landkreis Freyung-Grafenau
River Ilz
River Ilz, © Karl-Heinz Paulus
Naturhochseilparks Schönberg
Naturhochseilparks Schönberg, © Erlebnis Akademie AG
River Ilz
River Ilz
Naturhochseilparks Schönberg

Neverending forests, crystal clear streams - pure unadulterated nature which can develop in the Bavarian Forest National Park into a unique wilderness by its own methods. Discover the beauty and the breathtaking scenery of the region as well as the wonderful location in the border triangle where Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria meet with the many "boundless" excursion opportunities. Whether you are looking for wellness, adventure, hiking pleasure, family fun, winter fun or accessibility – we can offer extraordinary holiday experiences for all!

Our excursion tips:

“Forest Discovery”

You can experience the forest in an unusual way in the course for handicapped people, the only one of its kind in Germany, in the Schönberg Outdoor Tightrope Park. This gives people with a physical and/or mental handicap the opportunity to get to know the forest from a different perspective at nine stations at a height of up to 12 metres. If you would prefer to discover the forest with its unique nature on terra firma, you are welcome to take a walk through the idyllic Spiegelau Spa Park. The highlight: Directly at the spa park there is an outdoor Kneipp facility where a ramp is also provided to make it easy for you to get into the water. The cool wetness and the pleasant current of the Ohe River have a wonderfully refreshing effect. You can also experience the Bavarian Forest with all your senses on the circular trail in the Spiegelau Forest Playground – because here in the Bavarian Forest Nature Reserve the motto “Leave Nature to be Nature” reigns supreme.

Nature and culture in the Ilztal valley

To walk along the Ilz, the last great white water of Eastern Bavaria is an absolute must for all nature lovers. Walking past meadows, floodplains and cliffs you will discover the richness of nature beside the “Black Pearl” as the Ilz is also called because of its colour. Wheelchair users can comfortably move along the Ilz without encountering any inclines. In the Celtic Village of Gabreta the past is brought to life – history you can actually touch and feel. Allowing you to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Celts and to experience the everyday lives of the Celts at first hand in various participatory activities, the Celtic Village of Gabreta offers excitement and fun for the whole family. In the [HEIMAT.MUSEUM (HOMELAND MUSEUM): Röhrnbach.Kaltenbach] you can also go on a trip through time on the exhibition area at ground level and gain an insight into life in the past in Röhrnbach and Kaltenbach.

A nature holiday with no bounds

If you would like to get to know the Bavarian Forest border triangle with its facets of relaxation, culture and shopping, you should visit the following providers, for example: You can relax in the Karoli Waterpark in Waldkirchen. A mobile swimming pool lift makes it easy for you to get into the swimming pools. On no account should literature enthusiasts fail to visit the “Stifter and the Forest” Museum in the Rosenberg Estate. Here you can immerse yourself in the life of the prominent writer Adalbert Stifter who once said: “Never say that something is beautiful until you have seen the Bavarian Forest!” The Garhammer Fashion House is ideal for shopping. Its total shopping area which is more than 9,000 m² can be accessed by all visitors by way of a lift.

Further excursion tips:

Wanderweg "Entlang der Ilz"

Information & Service:

Touristinformation Neureichenau
Touristinformation Röhrnbach
Touristinformation Spiegelau

Tips for overnight stays

Landhotel Postwirt
Ferienwohnung am Altenstein
Hotel Gross
Tagungs-, Freizeit- und Wellnesshaus Witikohof
Ferienwohnung Schraml
Haus Fabelhaft

Food and drink tips:

Restaurant Veicht in Freyung

Restaurant Johanns in Waldkirchen

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