Oberammergau - Passion Play

This small Bavarian community, with 5,100 inhabitants located within the Ammergau Alps, owes its world-famous reputation to the impressive Passion Plays that have been performed every 10 years in the town since 1634 - the next will take place in 2020, from 16 May to 4 October.

Over the last few years the imposing 4,800 capacity Passion Play Theater has opened its doors for other famous cultural performances.

In addition there are backstage tours of the Passion Play Theater throughout the year. All year round English guided tours for individual travelers are offered at 11 a.m. daily (except on Monday): find out more about the fantastic history of the Play and stand on the stage on which innumerable generations have portrayed the life of Christ.”

The beautiful art of wood carving and the picturesque houses decorated with so called “Lüftlmalerei” (wall paintings) have also contributed to Oberammergau`s popularity. From the peaks of the local mountains visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the fabulous “King-Ludwig Country“ with its fairy tale castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof.

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