May - June

1 May 2018 — Maibaum aufstellen (Maypole raising)

Every year there is fierce competition between the towns and cities in Bavaria for where the highest (some up to over 90 feet) and most majestic pole is erected. The Maypole can look different in each region. In some places it is planted with the tree bark, and in others it is stripped and painted blue-and-white, hung with colorful ribbons, decorated with carved figures and adorned with a wreath. The pole is erected by without technical assistance just with thick, long rods (“Schaibeln”) bound together into “Scheren”. This work can stretch out over two hours. In neighbouring communities the young men's associations often try to steal the maypole. According to a custom the stolen pole has to be redeemed by a ransom consisting of beer and food which both communities share together.

20/21 May 2018 — Pfingsten  (Whitsun)

Bavaria celebrates very interesting customs and festivals at Whitsun. In Kötzting (Bavarian Forest) hundreds of riders on decorated horses move to a small church outside the town and all the way back. Other Whitsun Rides are held for example in Sankt Englmar (Bavarian Forest) and in Ochsenfurt (Franconia) where beside the ride the "Bratwurstfest" (franconian speciality). And, of course, there are also some beerfestivals around Whitsun, for example the "Erlanger Bergkirchweih" (Mountain Church Consecration Fair).

18 - 21 June 2018 — Historical Festival Play "The Master Draught" in Rothenburg

Every year at Pentecost, hundreds of townsfolk put on their costumes and perform the historical play "Meistertrunk" (The Master draught) in the town's Imperial Hall.
According to legend, Imperial Marshal Tilly was planning to burn the town and execute the town's officials. When urged for mercy, Tilly challenged any of the administrators to empty a huge pitcher given to him as a cup of welcome in one drought. Mayor Nusch successfully stood up to the challenge and emptied the pitcher, containing almost one gallon of wine and so saved the town.

Fronleichnam (Corpus Christi)

Many Processions take place in Bavaria. One of the most interesting ones is the only lake procession near Murnau at Lake Staffelsee where hundreds of people meet with their small boats for a mass celebrated by the local priest.

Sonnwendfeiern (Midsummer/Solstice Festivals)

The night before summer officially starts (June 21st of each year), the sun reaches its zenith. In heathen times summer has been welcomed by many fires on hills and mountains. Nowadays these old customs are more and more re-established. So you can enjoy some wonderful Midsummer Festivals in the Bavarian and Allgaeu mountains with the surrounding peaks illuminated by small fires. In Franconia and East Bavaria you can find these customs as well.

2021 — Landshuter Hochzeit

The former capital of Bavaria makes history come alive: Every four years far more than 2000 citizens revive with enthusiasm the whole splendour of the late Middle Ages wearing costumes tailored true to the original. Celebrations take place on four weekends during three weeks: The wedding of the Polish King´s daughter Hedwig to the Duke of Wittelsbach George of Bavaria-Landshut. The next celebration of the "Landshuter Hochzeit 1475" takes place in 2021.

29 June - 08 July 2018 — Frundsbergfest (Frundsberg Festival) Mindelheim

The Frundsberg festival - every three years the people of Mindelheim commemorate a great family of knights from Schwaz in Tyrol, who took over the town and dominion of Mindelheim in 1467 and determined the destinies of this region in the very heart of Swabia for more than 100 years.

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