Bavarian beer - Unique world wide

Whereas elsewhere beer is seen as a drink of pleasure in Bavaria it is considered more as a basic food (although we do of course still enjoy it!). It’s hardly surprising when you look at the statistics: on average a Bavarian consumes from birth to the grave some 150 litres (40 gallons) of beer per year putting Bavarians right at the top of the beer consuming list of states in Germany.

Typical Bavarian beer garden

All about Bavarian beer gardens! »

Off to a great start. The beer garden season officially starts in May in true style round the maypole with traditional May dances and a barrel of tasty “Maibock”. More about the fine diffenence ...

Different types of Bavarian beer

Types of Bavarian beer »

There are some 40 types of beer and over 4,000 brands of Bavarian beer. Here is an overview of the principal beers:

Bavaria, beer and sightseeing

Beer and Bavaria – a very special relationship »

In summer all roads eventually lead to a beer garden. And good job too for it is here that the highly valued and highly refreshing state drink – also known as liquid gold - awaits both tourists and locals alike.

Beer festival - Oktoberfest in Munich

Beer festival - Oktoberfest in Munich »

All you want to know about the Oktoberfest in Munich - the world's largest folk festival.

Kuchlbauer Tower

Kuchlbauer's World of Beer in Abensberg »

In the Lower Bavarian town of Abensberg, you can find a very special tourist attraction: Kuchlbauer's World of Beer. The highlight is the Kuchlbauer Tower, the top of which offers visitors wonderful views.

Bavarian beer - Fine winter beers to suit every taste »

The winter and festival beers are tasty companions to Bavarian winter cuisine, and a tingling refreshment after winter sports.

Bavarian Winter beer

Bavarian Christmas and winter beers »

In the beer country of Bavaria, people are now enjoying Christmas and winter beers. They are often brewed to a darker colour and have a higher original wort and alcohol content. Wintry beer specialities include Bock, Doppelbock and Eisbock.

Brew pub in Bamberg

Bamberg – Beer Academy newly-established »

Apart from professional training courses for beer sommeliers the academy offers upscale and highly entertaining seminars, courses, and culinary beer tastings.

Beer garden Graminger Weißbräu in Altötting

Award-winning beer from Altötting brewed at the Graminger Weißbräu brewery »

Graminger Weißbier is lovingly brewed today in the traditional handcrafted way. Neither filtered nor preserved, the beer maintains its natural state and yeasty cloudiness. This traditional brewing craft has already been honored with three gold medals in the “European Beer Star” international beer competition.

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