Bavarian Leberkäse (liver meatloaf)

The basic ingredients of Bavarian Leberkäse or liver meatloaf comprise roughly stripped beef, fatty pork, lard, water and salt. It is important to note that there’s no liver in Bavarian Leberkäse, although as a rule liver is present in examples made outwith Bavaria. Leberkäse is baked in a rectangular form with a rosé colour within and a dark crust.

Many Bavarian butchers prepare fresh Leberkäse twice a day. Once for the obligatory midmorning snack with bread and the second time for its afternoon equivalent at 4 pm. Enthusiasts of the meat product regard the crisp end crust, the so-called "Scherzel", as the tastiest bite. For main meals Leberkäse is served warm in thick slices with accompanying potato salad or "Ochsenaugen" (fried eggs) and sweet mustard. The accompanying drink is beer. For a snack with bread, one eats Leberkäse just as sausage: cold and thinly sliced, perhaps with a sour gherkin, and placed inside a bread roll.

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Liver loaf © Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Landwirtschaft und Forsten