Whilst "Grüss Gott" is our most usual form of greeting, "Servus" is also a very traditional, common and flexible word that can be used either as "hi" or as "goodbye". German has two words for "you": "Sie" is used when speaking to people you don't know well whereas to members of your family or friends we would use the more informal "Du". „Servus“ is most often used between people who know each other well enough to say "Du" to each other. But these are not the only uses for this very versatile word.

In Bavaria "Servus" is also used in the following phrases:

[1] seinen Servus daruntersetzen - this means to draw a line under something.
[2] na servus! – is the equivalent of „Na so was“ in German and is used to express indignation, annoyance or disappointment. E.g. "na Servus", you've forgotten the milk again!

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Bavarian language - word Servus