Best of Bavarian cuisine

Bavaria is full of unique culinary experiences that engage and delights all five senses. Whether you’re looking for a cozy restaurant serving traditional dishes or an upscale Michelin star rated restaurant serving the finest fare, Bavaria offers both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. Underlining themes in all Bavarian cuisine are: using fresh produce that is locally sourced, complementing any meal with delicious Bavarian beer or Franconian wine and offering cooking classes that teach you how to recreate savory dishes in your own kitchen at home. We welcome you to embark on a culinary adventure through Bavaria.

In the restaurant Villa Mittermeier

Star-rated cuisine in Rothenburg »

Anyone in search of haute cuisine in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is sooner or later bound to come across the hotelier and restaurateur Christian Mittermeier from Villa Mittermeier. His guests are spoilt for choice, they can dine either in the Enoteca Blaue Sau in the cellar or in the Villa Mittermeier’s star-rated restaurant.

Restaurant “Historisches Wurstkuchl” in Regensburg

Restaurant “Historisches Eck” in Regensburg - Tradition and modernity »

Strolling along the narrow lanes in the heart of the Old Town of Regensburg, you will find the restaurant “Historisches Eck” in one of the quaintest corners. Since 2009, the “Historisches Eck” is the home of Anton Schmaus, Regensburg’s only Michelin star-rated cook and he's also member of “Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe”.

Salle Blanche of the restaurant Nektar in Munich

All about Munich's restaurants, bars and culinary delights »

Munich residents know what food and celebrations are all about. Even the city’s nightlife all takes place on a strip that is shaped like a banana and is now affectionaely called the "Feierbanane" (the Party Banana) – a row of bars, restaurants and discos.

Cookery courses at the Seehotel Überfahrt

Überfahrt Hotel's gourmet restaurant and Bavarian cooking courses »

In the Überfahrt Hotel’s gourmet restaurant, the three Michelin star chef Christian Jürgens heads up the kitchen. Resembling works of art, his dishes rely heavily on top-rated ingredients and fresh regional produce from Bavaria, thus underscoring the restaurant's philosophy. Learn how to cook like a Bavarian three Michelin star chef.

Bavarian porcelain cups

Bavarian porcelain cups, table cloths, souvenirs and more »

A visit to Bavaria has both culinary and cultural highlights. The official souvenir shops in the state’s royal castles and palaces carry a wide range of very special, high-quality products for your table that reflect the unique character of Bavaria.

Sausage of Nuremberg "Nürnberger Bratwurst"

Nuremberg - The sizzling sausage centre of Germany »

Nuremberg's sizzling sausage tradition started way back in the 14th century. Even celebrity fans are have shown their support: The famous author and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe regularly ate sausages from Nuremberg. Here we reveal the ideal places to enjoy hearty traditional Bavarian dishes with sausages.

Restaurant "Akram's" in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Award-winning chefs and restaurants in Garmisch-Partenkirchen »

Enjoy the delights of nature in Garmisch-Partenkirchen restaurants as they follow the motto "Discover your true nature". This motto is underscored by authentic dishes using produce locally sourced from an Alpine farming culture that is still very much alive today and whose inimitable lifestyle is reflected in an array of excellent cuisine.

Restaurant Hotel Hirsch in Füssen

Traditional cuisine in Füssen: Sissi cake, open-air restaurants and cheese dairies »

Over 700 years old, the town of Füssen, near the royal palace of Neuschwanstein, offers a wide range of traditional and classic dishes. Read more about small cheese making dairies, cheese restaurants, open-air places to eat and drink, as well as discover the dream of all chocoholics: the"Sissi-Torte".

German chefs on a pilgrimage in Altötting

Pilgrim favorites and award-winning beers from Altötting »

Altötting cuisine and pilgrimage hotels have many years of tradition behind them because ensuring that the pilgrims had plenty of good food to eat was always a priority. Here are a few of the traditional, famous dishes and places in the charming town of Altötting.

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