Best of Bavarian cuisine

Bavaria is full of unique culinary experiences that engage and delights all five senses. Whether you’re looking for a cozy restaurant serving traditional dishes or an upscale Michelin star rated restaurant serving the finest fare, Bavaria offers both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. Underlining themes in all Bavarian cuisine are: using fresh produce that is locally sourced, complementing any meal with delicious Bavarian beer or Franconian wine and offering cooking classes that teach you how to recreate savory dishes in your own kitchen at home. We welcome you to embark on a culinary adventure through Bavaria.

Kitchen lounge of the Parkhotel am Soier See

Ammergau Alps - garlic, local game, cooking safari and Christmas cookie baking »

Dive into the culinary world of the Ammergau Alps and taste wild garlic pastures and local game from the Bavarian Alps. How about embarking on a "cooking safari" or participating in a Christmas cookie baking session?

Axel Grüner's restaurant Eckerts in Bamberg

Bamberg: Eating is fun and cooking is even more fun! »

"A burger can be healthy, too," is Alex Grüner’s view. He is the chef and nutritional adviser to the champion German basketball team "Brose Baskets Bamberg" and runs a tavern in Bamberg, as well as offers cooking courses all over Germany.

Being in a pub on a Bayreuth Beer Tour

Bayreuth's culinary delights, beer and gourmet tours »

Bayreuth joie de vivre is underscored by the fact that the city boasts three world records: Bayreuth has the highest number of bakers and cake makers, the highest number of butchers and the highest concentration of breweries in the world.

Being in a pub on a Bayreuth Beer Tour image.enlarge
Being in a pub on a Bayreuth Beer Tour © Kongress- und Tourismuszentrale Bayreuth