Berchtesgaden National Park

The Berchtesgaden National Park is one of the oldest protected areas in the Alps. It is part of the alpine territory near the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden in the southeast of Germany. The park was established in 1978 by a decree from the Bavarian government. It is a lush expanse of 218 square kilometers, with altitudes ranging from 540 meter at lowland Königssee to the towering Watzmann Mountain (2670 m). Its amazing natural environment shows little human intervention. You will get an impression of this ecological paradise either by taking part in guided tours or by going on your own tours. The landscape is mainly characterized by large areas of rocks and detritus, alpine meadows and forested areas covered with dwarf pines and alders. Your tour should definitely include a walk to the renowned Königssee which lays like a fjord between the Watzmann, the Steinerne Meer and the Hagen Mountains. The excellent drinking water quality of the

The fauna reflects the bio-diversity of the Berchtesgadener landscape. You will not only get to see wild alpine species such as the mountain goat, marmot, eagle, blue hare and the alpine salamander but also, with a little bit of luck, the rare golden eagle. The flora is equally beautiful and diverse, and includes, for example, the horminum, the Hausmann´s rock jasmine and the dwarf alpine rose. national park administration offers a wide range of different tours. The "Jennerbahn" is very popular among visitors. The funicular will bring you up to the boundaries of the national park at 1,800 meter. Up here, on hiking or mountain climbing trails, you can relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of the alpine landscape. 

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"Eagle’s Nest" Kehlsteinhaus near Berchtesgaden © Berchtesgadener Land