Burghausen – the town with the world’s longest castle!


Burghausen – the town with the world’s longest castle!


It is not only the world’s longest castle (1,051 m) - nestled between the romantic Lake Wöhrsee and the glittering River Salzach, the alpine river forming the border with Austria - that is extra long. Burghausen extra long also means extra long enjoyment of extra attractions from culture and leisure to gastronomy.

The mighty castle fortress with its more than 1,000-year history is the centrepiece of a visit to Burghausen. Museums and exhibitions are to be found here, while the town also boasts a lively art scene. Moreover, during the historic Castle Festival, which takes place each year in July, life in the Middle Ages comes alive again for three days.

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique flair of the old town. Multicoloured houses with gabled roofs line a spacious town square, which is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Central Europe. The colourful houses are an attention-grabbing feature.

Burghausen also means extra long cultural enjoyment. Since 1970, the town has been synonymous with jazz. Each year in March, Burghausen becomes a mecca for international jazz greats. The “Street of Fame” in the old town’s Grüben is a homage to the legendary jazz musicians who have played at the International Jazz Week. 39 bronze relief plaques bear the names, signatures and birth-and-death dates of these exceptional artists.

Extra long leisure activities and hospitality – this is also what Burghausen means for you as a visitor. A cyclist’s paradise opens up on both sides of the River Salzach. You become a cycling enthusiast, immersing yourself in the serene lake country and marvelling at cultural and natural beauty.
Burghausen’s bathing paradise at Lake Wöhrsee and the new town’s in and outdoor bathing world offer pure relaxation. Then indulge yourself in the typical Burghausen hospitality, in the enchanting atmosphere of the numerous pubs and restaurants of the old and new towns.

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