Anyone who has not seen Freising does not know Old Bavaria!
Freising, about 25 minutes to the north of Munich, is the oldest city in Bavaria with an almost 1300 year history. The Romanesque cathedral on the Domberg and numerous other historic architectural monuments invite a visit. Museum lovers are recommended to go to the City Museum and the Diocesan Museum, the largest collection of church art in Germany. The picturesque squares, nooks and alleys invite you to stroll around and have a look. Dignified bourgeoisie can be found here just as much as student flair. You should not miss a walk to the Weihenstephan Hill with its "green" campus, the lovely show gardens and the oldest existing brewery in the world, along with a bar – Old Bavarian hospitality is taken seriously in Freising! You can also explore the cathedral city by bike or on foot on the "Culture & Nature Trail" and thus enjoy the sights and the nature in the city. Numerous excursions are available from the large district city of Freising, including to the nearby state capital of Munich or to the hops-growing region of Hallertau. But the big, wide world is not far away either – due to the close proximity of Munich Airport, Freising can be easily reached by any country in the world.

Welcome to Freising – historical, hospitably youthful!

Things to see and experience:

  • Marienplatz with St. Mary's column: The Baroque St. Mary's column (1675) is at the centre of Marienplatz, the bustling centre of the city and the starting point for all the walks in the old town.
  • Town Hall: The historic building from the start of the 20th century fits seamlessly into the buildings around Marienplatz.
  • St. George: An impressive Baroque tower (1681/89) towers above the late Gothic hall of the parish church. Picturesque alleys with historic buildings wind around in the shade of this tower.
  • Zierer House: The former townhouse (built 1730) with the magnificent Rococo façade bears witness to the prosperity of the middle classes of a city in the 18th century. Today, the building houses the registry office of the city of Freising.
  • Asam Building (former Prince Bishop's Lyceum): The building was built in 1697. The former assembly hall was decorated with Baroque frescoes by Georg Asam, the father of the famous brothers Cosmas Damian Asam and Egid Quirin Asam. Today, this room is used for theatre performances, music events and conferences. The building also accommodates the City Museum, in which the eventful history of the prince bishops' city, which subsequently became a Bavarian state city, is presented in impressive displays. You can also find the tourist information office for the city of Freising here.
  • Bürgerturm tower: One of the final remnants of the city's historic defences.
  • Domberg: The Domberg is a collection point for art and works of art from all eras, not just collected by the prince bishops. High above the city, it was a haven of scholarship for centuries.
  • Cathedral of St Mary and St Corbinian: One of the major tourist attractions of Bavaria. In the 18th century, Baroque elements were added to the Romanesque cathedral with its crypt and the column of beasts by the Asam brothers, and it was furnished with a number of works of art.
  • Bishop Otto of Freising: In 1857, the former Fountain of the Moors was replaced by a monument to the most significant historical philosopher of the Middle Ages.
  • Residence: Today, the educational centre of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising is accommodated in the former Residence of the prince bishops.
  • Diocesan Museum: The internationally renowned collection of art contains valuable church art from the Alpine region from all eras, right up to the present day.
  • Neustift: The church of the former Premonstratensian Neustift Abbey is decorated with ceiling frescos by Johann Baptist Zimmermann. The altar figures were created by Ignaz Günther.
  • Weihenstephan: St Corbinian's Fountain and the structural remains of the Benedictine Abbey bear witness to its spiritual past. Today, the Weihenstephan Hill (campus) is home to the modern buildings of TU Munich-Weihenstephan, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and other institutions, technical colleges and research institutes.
  • Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan: The "oldest brewery in the world" is owned by the Free State of Bavaria and can be found in the buildings of the former Weihenstephan Abbey.
Marienplatz in Freising

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Marienplatz in Freising