Lindau in Lake Constance


Lindau in Lake Constance


It is a unique location. In the middle of a clear lake, surrounded by a luscious green environment and snow-covered mountains, lies the historic island of Lindau with its unique charm. With historic buildings, lively squares and picturesque alleys, the old town of Lindau provides an almost Mediterranean flair on a 70 ha. island in Lake Constance.

An impressive panorama of the Alps and Lake Constance stretches out behind the world-famous harbour entrance with its Bavarian lion and white lighthouse. The maritime activities in the harbour and on the promenade, which is regarded as one of the most attractive on Lake Constance, can be watched from one of the many cafés.

Discover Lindau's old town in a guided tour. Lindau's tour guides take you on a journey through time, through the history and tradition of the island and garden town, with well-founded knowledge and delightful anecdotes.

Lindau's harbour entrance

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Alfred-Nobel-Platz 1, 88131 Lindau

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Old Town Hall in Lindau