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“Discover your true nature“: This motto is the central philosophy encompassing the year-round tourist attractions offered at the renowned holiday destination of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, located one hour south of Munich. In the midst of beautiful mountain views, the most famous town of the Bavarian Alps offers a wide variety of unique experiences.

At the foot of Mount Zugspitze, nature is splendid and mighty and the memories made here between the mountains, valleys, water and sky are simply unparalleled.

Impressive historic facades, lovingly painted houses and charming inhabitants give the town an open atmosphere and a sense of joie de vivre, which is touching, moving and unforgettable. Garmisch-Partenkirchen makes your spirit soar as you re-connect with simplicity, beauty and pristine nature.

Culture & Tradition - For more than half a century, the "Heimatwochen" (local weeks) in July and August have been one of the highlights of the year. You can look forward to processions, national costume groups, "Schuhplattler" (the Bavarian traditional folk dance), "Goaßlschnalzer" (whipcrackers) and stone lifters. And, of course, all of this done to celebrations and dancing. Feel the great atmosphere and absorb the good mood! In the beautifully decorated beer halls, you will experience authentic tradition: the locals’ traditional costumes, songs and dances. Here, a traditional beer and traditional hearty snacks are served.

The famous composer Richard Strauss was born in Munich, but lived in his beloved Garmisch for more than 40 years. In remembrance of his birthday took place a special festival in June 2014. But every year in June is the festival week with a special program

Furthermore, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is where you'll find the stunning Partnach Gorge (Partnachklamm) . Declared a natural monument in 1912, the gorge will cast its spell on you with its wild waterfalls, water rapids and tranquil water basins. Once upon a time, visitors trying to walk through the gorge risked their lives, but nowadays there are two safe paths available. The Partnach River, a lusty mountain stream, has cut a 262 ft deep crevasse into pure rock, creating one of the most beautiful gorges in the alpine region. In 2012, the Gorge has celebrated its 100th anniversary. 

Breathtaking views - At the base of Alpspitze peak, visitors will find the AlpspiX Viewing Platform hovering 13 meters (42 feet) over an empty void in the shape of an 'X' with two protruding platforms. The exceptional architecture opens unmatched views towards Zugspitze peak and the Höllental gorge and lets visitors experience a spectacular alpine high. AlpspiX is easy to reach, just 50 meters (164 feet) above the Alpspitze mountain station and next to the mountain station of the Osterfelderkopf lift. Here, the two steel beams with a length of 24 meters (79 feet) of the AlpspiX Viewing Platform jut out 13 meters (42 feet) over an empty void with the other eleven meters (66 feet) anchored in the rock. Just the ramps of the two Viewing Platforms alone with a width of three meters (ten feet) each are enough to get your adrenalin pumping: Viewers stand on a grid. This design permits the snow to fall through in the winter. At the end of the structure, visitors reach a glass wall and have a sensational view of the nearby cliffs, the breathtaking alpine panorama and almost 1000 meters (3281 feet) down into the depths.

Top regional highlights and attractions:

  • Zugspitze – Germany’s highest mountain
  • Partnach gorge – a unique geotope
  • Premium climatic spa
  • Most modern ski jump in the world 


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