The Original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst - The Queen of Bratwurst

The Original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst, known far beyond the borders of Nuremberg, are nationally and internationally unique.

Since the 14th century the sophisticated Bratwurst tradition of Nuremberg is proven. Only specialized pork butchers were allowed to produce the Nuremberg Bratwurst and had to present them daily to the imperial butcher stalls and the jury of the Head market officers of the "Council deputation of the butchers". They strictly checked the recipe abidance, structure, meat and water content. If the Bratwurst were rejected as minor they were sent flying into the Pegnitz.

But not only the high demand to the butchers art made the Bratwurst from this Franconian city so special. As a considerable commercial town the citizens of Nuremberg made particular demands regarding taste and quality – smoother, more noble spiced and unique, that is how the rural Bratwurst should be. Thus Nuremberg Rostbratwurst gained their special marjoram note, which still characterizes it.

The Nuremberg specialities owe their size - or smallness - probably to risen prices for meat and vegetables, which made the high class sausage in the second half of the 16th century more and more uneconomical. The smart Nuremberg citizens decided to simply make the Bratwurst smaller and by that gained higher lots and an attractive pice per kilo, according to the principle of class instead of mass.

Due to this artisan tradition and uniqueness the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst gained the protection of "Protected Geographic Indication (PGI)" which was achieved in the EU by the especially founded Schutzverband Nürnberger Bratwürste e.V (Incorporated society for the protection of the Nuremberg Bratwurst), in 2003.

Just like in former times, the City Council looks after the quality of "its" Bratwurst and dictates the recipe for the Nuremberg Bratwurst: This includes everything from meat quality, grain size, gut, flavour, the values of analysis as well as size and weight. For example, only middle coarsed minced pork may be used but no sausage meat. Also the typical marjoram flavour and an absolute fat content of 35 % are defined.

The most apparent characteristic is and remains the unusual dimension of the small delicatessen. It may only be 7 to 9 cm in length and have a maximum of 25 gram in weigh. No wonder that there entwined all kinds of legends according to those exceptional parameters.

The most favoured one says, that the Nuremberg Innkeepers were able to sell her to their hungry guests even after the curfew by handing it over through the keyhole. Or, that the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst are so small to supply the inmates through especially drilled holes in the walls of their cells (explaining the name Lochgefängnisse (Holeprisons) which can by the way be visited in Nuremberg)

No matter for which story you make up your mind for, it is for sure that Nuremberg Rostbratwurst made history in the gastronomy. The Nuremberg Bratwurstglöcklein became the most famous Inn in Germany due to this unique little sausage. Also, the valid canon on the menu was invented here for traditional Bratwurstküchen: 6, 8, 10 or 12 Original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst with horse radish and sauerkraut or potato salad, the same amount cooked in a onion-vinegar brew, called „blaue Zipfel“, 3 im Weckla (3 in a bun), 2 raw ones, crushed with onions as "G’häckweckla" or 1 on a fork.

Today the Original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst can be found on almost every ambitious breakfast buffet and of course in the hearts of the Nuremberg citizens, celebrating their Bratwurst annually. With the status of Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) this traditional delicatessen join the top-list of European edibles with such specialities such as Prosciutto die Pama, Champagne and Grana Padano. They may only be produced in the rural area of Nuremberg, according to the abiding recipe and carry besides the official sign of the EU their own Original-signet.


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Nuremberg Rostbratwurst - Sausages from Nuremberg © Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office

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