Jewish museum and synagogue in Munich

The new Jewish Museum, which opened 2007, is part of the ensemble of the St. Jakobs-Place whith the new main synagoge and the center of the Jewish comunity.

The first and second floors showcase a range of temporary exhibitions. The goal of the museum is to function as a flexible and dynamic forum where a variety of themes can be explored. The permanent exhibition, located on the lower level, provides an overview of Munich’s Jewish history and introduces the diverse aspects of Jewish identity.

On the three exhibition floors, visitors gain a world of insights into Jewish life and culture in Munich. A special section geared towards young as well as adult audiences provides in-depth information on Jewish history and religion. On each gallery floor there will be a study areaLearning Center or Library – where visitors will be able to explore issues of interest and find answers to their questions.

The Main Synagogue

The cornerstone for Munich’s new main synagogue was laid on November 9, 2003, sixty-five years after the November pogrom and the destruction of the city’s synagogues. Inspired by two recurring architectural forms in the history of Judaism, the temple and the tent, the new synagogue fluctuates between stability and flexibility. These two states significantly govern the actual interior and exterior of the space.

Opening hours:
Tue-Sun: 10 am - 6 pm


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Ohel Jakob Synagogue in Munich © Roland Halbe