LEGOLAND® Germany (Leisure park)


LEGOLAND® Germany (Leisure park)


LEGOLAND® Germany in the Bavarian town of Günzburg is a colourful world full of action, fun and adventure. Eight exciting themed adventure worlds offer some 50 or more attractions, shows and models made of over 50 million LEGO® bricks for you to enjoy. Slip on your hero’s mantle and venture through Jungle X-pedition in a canoe, ride on the back of a fire-breathing dragon or explore the underwater world of LEGOLAND ATLANTIS by SEA LIFE. Heroes of all ages can fulfil a dream and become a pirate, a knight or a racing driver.

High-speed rides ensure endless fun and action. Take a wild canoe ride over a 12 meter waterfall in the Jungle X-Pedition, for example, or embark on an exciting roller coaster journey through the LEGO world of the Middle Ages. The BIONICLE™ Power Builder is simply spectacular. Two passengers sit together in a giant robot arm, having first selected and programmed the rotational and swivel motions for themselves on a computer.

Attractions that require active participation include the Kids Power Tower, where visitors can pull themselves up the tower by their own strength, and the Pedal-A-Car, an overhead railway where the faster you pedal, the faster you go! Creativity is called for in the Build & Test Centre, where visitors construct their own buildings and racing cars. If you have ever dreamt of being a ship’s captain, then the Harbour Cruise is just the place to be - here, every visitor gets to steer his own boat.
Faithful replicas of buildings, animals and figures made from over 50 million LEGO® bricks leave all visitors amazed. LEGO MINILAND, a world in miniature, in which famous buildings and cityscapes, such as Berlin, Venice and Neuschwanstein Castle, have been painstakingly recreated, is surrounded by six theme areas with roller coasters, live shows, shops and restaurants. Even the youngest LEGO fans will have a great time in the exciting playgrounds and junior rides.

If you wish to combine your trip to LEGOLAND® Deutschland with an overnight stay, why not see what LEGOLAND Tours have to offer? Contact LEGOLAND Tours at www.legolandtours.de

Opening times, news, events and more can be found at www.legoland.de!

LEGOLAND® Deutschland Freizeitpark GmbH

LEGOLAND Allee, 89312 Günzburg

Telephone: +49 (0)1806 70075701*
Fax: +49 (0)1806 545801*


LEGOLAND Allee, 89312 Günzburg

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