Bavaria - A land to fall in love with for connoisseurs

A taste of Bavaria is synonymous with scrumptious homely cooking and prize-winning specialties, delectable wines and the excellence of Bavarian beer. In Bavaria, every region has its own typical products and is inextricably linked with these distinctive dishes. In Allgäu and in Bavarian-Swabia, the roast is served with Spätzle noodles, in Upper Bavaria Semmelknödel, a type of bread dumpling, whilst in Franconia, dumplings are filled with croutons. The cities too have their specialities: Munich provides its Weißwurst sausages, Nuremberg and Regensburg have the barbecued Bratwurst. Those who prefer fish, can request carp from the river Aisch or trout from the Starnberger See.

Drinks are ordered to match the meal or region. A beer is always suitable in Bavaria. In North Bavaria, the rather dry Pilsner is in command, whilst in the South, the preference is for a slightly malted style of Lager beer. The sparkling Weißbier is very popular throughout Bavaria. In beer gardens and at fun fairs it is the custom to order a “Maß”, that is one litre to enjoy with your snack.

The Franconian wine in the typically rounded bottle is considered ideal with a Häckerbrotzeit and “Meefischle” (small fishes from the river Main). The most popular is the slightly flowery Müller-Thurgau, followed by the mellow Silvaner, the tangy Riesling. Amongst the red wines, the passionate Spätburgunder is the Number One.

An up-and-coming group of chefs have rediscovered the origins of the Bavarian cuisine. With finesse and international experience, they adapt old recipes to satisfy today’s demands. And they are well able to reach for the stars: Personalities such as Hans Haas from Munich’s much acclaimed gourmet temple “Tantris” have proven long since that local pike-perch in a mustard crust or braised “Kalbsbackerl” do not have to fear any comparison with international dishes. Wheaten beer, "Klosterbräu Beer" and "Bocksbeutel Wine" are just a few of the many delicacies to accompany us on our culinary discovery trail through the gourmet's blue (and white) heaven.


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