“Landshut Wedding 1475” from June to July 2021

The former capital of Bavaria makes history come alive: In June and July 2017 far more than 2000 citizens revive with enthusiasm the whole splendour of the late Middle Ages wearing costumes tailored true to the original. Celebrations take place on four weekends during three weeks. The wedding of the Polish King´s daughter Hedwig to the Duke of Wittelsbach George of Bavaria-Landshut.

Chronists recorded what had happened during the Wedding in Landshut in 1475. From this time one can still see the same backdrop of bourgeoise houses, the steeple of St. Martin`s Church and the Trausnitz Castle. This pageant lures one to various events such as the public “Tavern in the Steckengassen” to the “Masque”a burlesque entertainment in the evening. More enactment with “Court Music of 1475” which awakens medieval music to life. On all four Sundays watch the bridal procession, and then enjoy watching the knights tournament. Jousting like in the times of the Rich Dukes.

On Saturday evening at the “nightly quintain“ experts on horseback, jugglers, artists and fire-eaters proof their skills. The aroma of roast ox and suckling pig fills the air, the beer mugs are filled with tasty Bavarian ale. At the “camp” in the tournament grounds, guests of the 21st century may feel as if they are taken back to the 15th century.

Detailed programme: www.landshuter-hochzeit.de


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Landshut Wedding © Archiv "Die Förderer" e.V./Landshut

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