Shopping typical Bavarian products

Shopping in Bavaria is a unique experience. Far from just providing the typical high street shopping available in almost any anonymous pedestrian precinct anywhere in Europe Bavaria’s towns and cities offer a truly individual and unique shopping experience. Contemporary architecture and history teamed with inimitable Bavarian traditions make parting with your money an absolute pleasure! Fashion, design, culinary delicacies, regional produce, crafts and artefacts are all popular purchases for visitors to the state.

Bavarian costumes - Dirndl & Lederhosen

Folklore costumes play a huge role in Bavarian life, more so than in any other state of Germany. The saying goes that: "Clothed in a dirndl or lederhosen you are always dressed to perfection." Folklore dress not only is and always will be a fashionable way to dress but it will always represent an essential aspect of Bavarian culture. Worn by locals to traditional Bavarian festivities such as the hoisting of a maypole, the Oktoberfest or on church high days and holidays, Bavarian folklore costume is also popular at weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.
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Bavarian Souvenirs

Christmas Souvenirs:
At the family company "Käthe Wohlfahrt", it is craftsmanship and tradition that form the basis for precious Christmas items, which have established an exceptional reputation across the world. Learn more about "Käthe Wohlfahrt" >>

Bavaria offers a wealth of unique, original attractions and is home to places treasured by both locals and visitors from faraway lands. This richness is the source of inspiration for the designers at the KulturGut AG souvenir store. Learn more about KulturGut AG >>

Typical Bavarian food and drinks

Bavaria is full of unique culinary experiences that engage and delights all five senses. Authentic Bavarian cuisine includes potato salad or warm red cabbage salad, delicious bread soup, Bavarian "Obatzda" and "Bofflamot", traditional potato dumplings, gorgeous pancake with caramelised apples, mouth-melting Bavarian Cream with Strawberries and many more. Of course, the typical wine and beer cannot be missed.
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Bavarian handicrafts

As in days gone by, Bavaria is still home to handicraft businesses with three generations all living and working together under one roof cleverly combining age-old wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation with 21st century handicraft innovations.
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