Sledding in Pfronten in the Allgäu

Enjoy a daring dash down the mountainside on a sled! Start from the car park in Pfronten-Kappel and walk up to the Hündeleskopfhütte and the Kappeler Alp. After a brief respite it’s off down the snowy slope to the valley below. The track up to the Hündeleskopfhütte and the Kappeler Alp is private property and is maintained by the chalet landlord.

New: Stiga Bobs
(Steerable Swedish sleds)
Sleds can be hired from the Skistadel in the Pfronten-Steinach ski centre or in conjunction with a guided tour. After travelling up on the Breitenbergbahn it’s just a short climb to the Ostlerhütte for an invigorating snack. Then it’s all aboard your Stiga-Bob – steerable Swedish sled – for a thrilling (but controlled) race down the 1,00 height metres of slopes and forest trails back into the valley.

Sledding tip: From the top to the bottom...
On both the north and the south faces of the Breitenberg 6km long forest trails lead up to the Hochalpe. In winter these tracks are just perfect for sledding. The 4-seater Breitenbergbahn gondolas will whisk you up to the Hochalpe where you can change to the 4-seater chair lift to the top of the Breitenberg. From there you can enjoy a 15 minute walk along a well-maintained winter trail to the Ostlerhütte to admire the stunning views both down into the valley and across to the horizon. Then it’s all aboard the sleds for the valley again!

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