Starnberg Five Lake Region

Between Munich and the Alps: This region is named after its five lakes each of which has its own unique character: the pensive Wörthsee, the romantic Pilsensee, the idyllic Wesslinger See and then the two larger lakes – the tranquil Ammersee and the elegant Lake Starnberg.

All of the five lakes are ideal for waters sports whilst Ammersee and Lake Starnberg offer the added delight of a trip on one of the fleet of boats run by the Bayerische Seenschifffahrt. Or if you prefer a more impressive bird’s eye view then why not go up in a hot air balloon?
Starnberg’s Five Lakes region has a range of fascinating museums including the Buchheim Museum  with its fabulous exhibition of expressionist art, the Starnberger See museum and the world's only Carl-Orff museum each of which is well worth a visit.

A day trip to Andechs Monastery  is particularly enjoyable-the monks have been brewing one of the best brews in Germany here since 1455. After visiting the chapel with its holy relics bearing witness to the chapel’s long tradition as a place of pilgrimage, visitors can quench their thirst with a glass or two of the famous Andechs beer that is still brewed in the traditional way. The "Stark Bier" (strong beer) is particularly famous. In a "beer tasting", one can try the six different brews, while enjoying a "Bavarian Brotzeit" meal. The brewery can be visited with a guided tour. If you can't wait until you get to Germany to try Andechs beer, then head to the "Zum Schneider" restaurant in NYC where Andechs beer is proudly served.

The Austrian Empress Elisabeth, daughter to Duke Max of Bavaria who in her youth was known as Sisi, grew up in Possenhofen castle on the banks of Lake Starnberg. The magnificent station of Possenhofen is now used by the Empress Elizabeth Museum.

King Ludwig II adored his cousin Elisabeth and felt that there was a strong bond between them. As often as was possible the two met on the Lake Starnberg’s island known as the "Roseninsel". A cross standing alone in the waters below the chapel in the Berg park marks the spot where the King mysteriously drowned on June 13, 1886 – a date that is commemorated to this day.

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