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Our family-friendly Kinderland Bavaria brand includes a wide range of child-focussed facilities for happy and interested children and their families. Enjoy your stay in Europe's biggest water slide complex of the Thermenwelt Erding or learn more about Masterpieces of Science and Technology in the Deutsches Museum. Numerous museums, leisure parks like LEGOLAND and Playmobil FunPark, the Zoo and special sports stadiums offers entertainment, fun and also education.

MAC Kinderland and Munich Airport’s Visitors’ Centre (approx. 2.5 miles/4 km)

Kinderland in the Munich Airport Center (MAC) offers child care for children between the ages of 3 - 10 years. They are in the care of trained staff while parents pick up an arriving passenger or do some shopping at the airport.
For older children Munich Airport’s Visitors’ Centre is waiting. See behind the scenes at Munich airport and experience the fascinating world of flying right up close.
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Therme Erding (approx. 10 miles/16 km)

Be amazed by the variety at Europe's biggest thermal water world – an exotic pool paradise with a soothing vitality oasis and bathing beneath palm trees. The world's biggest sauna paradise offers a wonderful range of thermal and wellness attractions while GALAXY ERDING takes water slides to a new, gigantic dimension.
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Audi Forum Ingolstadt (approx. 47 miles/75 km)

With this combination of a museum, factory tours, new-vehicle collection arrangements, gastronomic delights and tourism services, Audi has since offered a new brand experience – for customers, visitors and employees alike – in architecturally stimulating surroundings. The museum mobile, a round building over 22 metres high, is a highlight of the Audi Forum Ingolstadt that is visible from a long way off.
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Tierpark Hellabrunn (approx.  30 miles/48 km)

Our modern Geo-Zoo of the future concept intentionally rejects a collector-type diversity of species and offers our animals close-to-natural living space. Therefore simultaneously remaining true to the following guiding principle: The well-being of the animals, active nature conservation and a world of relaxation and experience for human beings with the interactive meeting of humans and animals. In order to bring our animals closer to humans in the interest of an interactive meeting between the two, our caretakers present their favorites to the audience. Whether its our elephants on their “Jungle Patrol“, the sea lions in their “Flipper Parade“ or our birds of prey in their “Air Acrobatics“: Our caretakers reveal the insider secrets and the visitors gather a lot of new information.
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Olympiapark (approx. 22 miles/35 km)

It is an outstanding experience for kids to go on expedition in the Munich Olympic Park.
The Soccer-Tour is the most popular for the youngest and older soccer fans alike. Have a look in the innermost areas of the Olympic Stadium including the former locker rooms of the FC Bayern Munich soccer stars. You get to see even more of the Olympic Park with the Adventure-Tour. At the beginning you ride on our blue and white park train that takes you through the magnificent landscape of the Olympic Park. If you want to have a view on the Park from up above, join the spectacular Roof Climb on the Stadium Roof. For the less brave, take the elevator to the top of the Olympic Tower and enjoy the fabulous view on the Park, the city of Munich and sometimes as far as the Alps.
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BMW Welt and BMW Museum (approx.  22 miles/35 km)

Get yourself completely "BMWed".
The Junior Campus is part of BMW Welt in Munich. This is where children from 7 to 13 years of age can discover the world of mobility while their parents can experience the world of BMW.
More information about the BMW Welt and the BMW Museum

Deutsches Museum with Children's World (approx.  24 miles/39 km)

Collecting, preserving, exhibiting, documenting, educating: these are the basic principles that the Deutsches Museum has been committed to for over a hundred years.
Of course the entire Deutsches Museum is a museum for children of all ages! But there are a few special nooks and corners for young people with an enquiring mind, for example the Technical Toys section with a fine collection of constructional toys. Or the Children’s World with 1001 exciting things: mechanical models and the water-wave-weir, a playground full of bricks, the long-laddered fire engine, the projector room with its coloured lights and shadows, or the giant guitar – it can get a bit loud there!
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Bavaria Filmpark (approx.  34 miles/55 km)

In the Bavaria Filmstadt, you can look behind the scenes of big cinema films and well-known TV hits. Allow yourself that feeling of “A-ha” when you learn the tricks of the trade used to film breathtaking scenes and daily TV series. And learn exciting stories about famous actors and small disasters. Along for the ride: Original scenes from “Asterix and Obelix“, “Marienhof“, “Bibi Blocksberg“, “The Never Ending Story“, and many more.
In the hot Action Show, see how stunt persons create breakneck scenes without actually breaking anyone’s neck! Loads of fun for all kids from 7! Open daily!
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Allianz Arena Tours (approx. 19 miles/30 km)

Located in the north of Munich, the futuristically designed football stadium is the new home to Munich's two Bundesliga clubs, TSV 1860 München and FC Bayern München.
English-language tours take place daily at 1 p.m., except on match days or days featuring an event. Individuals may join an Arena tour without prior reservation.
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Legoland Günzburg (approx. 83 miles/134 km)

Children want to marvel, have fun, try things out, discover, laugh, build things and test their courage – and preferably all at once. The challenge for LEGOLAND® Deutschland is to fulfil these needs and wishes. That’s why the park in Günzburg offers a unique blend of entertainment, fun and educational play. For families with children between the ages of 3 and 13, there is not only an exceptional range of amusement rides, but also numerous opportunities to play an active role in the life of the park and, of course, to build and marvel at millions of LEGO bricks.
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Playmobil FunPark Zirndorf (approx. 102 miles/164 km)

Children´s dreams come true! Submerge in this fascinating play-paradise of well-loved PLAYMOBIL worlds in maxi format.
Over the past five years the PLAYMOBIL FunPark in Zirndorf has proved how well it can draw visitors. The park’s concept is unique: 90,000 m² of Playmobil stimulating all five senses and the park’s motto is just as straightforward: “Hands-on instead of holding hands” providing children with plenty of opportunities for active play. Activity leads to an increased feeling of well-being and promotes both social and emotional maturity.
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