Bavaria E-brochure

Grüss Gott! This traditional Bavarian greeting – literally, ‘Godgreet (you)’ – has been in everyday use since the 19th century. It suggests the importance of tradition for Bavarians, who still commonly wear Trachten , the national costume of lederhosen and dirndl, even though Bavaria is Germany’s most advanced state, and Munich its most modern city.

This E-brochure represents the originality of Bavarians, the respect for their land and its beauty. It embraces wonderfully-preserved medieval towns of half-timbered buildings. It stands for the ancient crafts, its World Heritage Sites but also its modern cities. It is Bavaria at its best.

>> This brochure is also available in the following languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. (to be found on the particular website) <<