Time for tranquility in Bavaria

Leave stress and the hectic nature of everyday life behind you – this is what the Time for Tranquility Bavaria brand stands for.  Explore ideal travel destinations for your relaxing holiday along with long-term beneficial effects. Relax in the midst of Bavarian nature and treat yourself to a break.

The secret of Time for Tranquility Bavaria is based on four pillars:

Peaceful nights
The quality of your relaxing holiday in Bavaria depends on getting the right accommodation. You cannot find inner peace if you cannot sleep well. Enjoy peaceful nights in a cosy atmosphere in remote mountain lodges, in alpine hotels or on a farm.

Moments of  silence
Enjoy a sustainable recovery in the original surroundings of Bavaria. Whether you are staying in the Franconian Forest or in the Allgäu Moor – here you will become one with nature and experience unique moments of silence.

Spiritual  timeout
On various pilgrim trails you will discover unspoilt nature as well as picturesque lookout points which allow you to just pause and catch your breath. The numerous churches, chapels and monasteries are particular places of contemplation and mindfulness – ideal for your spiritual timeout.

Active downtime
Recharge your batteries at the grape harvest in Franconia or doing yoga in Bavaria’s mountain landscape. Get into the spirit of Bavarian activities and treat your body and mind to some active downtime.


Information about specific locations and venues are currently only available on our German website. More information in English will be available soon.