March - April

March/April - Starkbierzeit (Strong Beer Season in Munich)

Strong lent beer had already been served during this period of carneval since the mid 15th century. Monks brewed lent beer, because they weren't allowed to eat during this period. All these strong beers have the suffix "-ator" in their name, like: "Delicator", "Triumphator", "Animator", "Maximator" and so on. One of the most famous events takes place at the "Nockerberg" where a barrel of "Salvator" is tapped and the politicians have to face their critics in a very humorous way - which is called "Derblecken".

Palmsonntag (Palm Sunday)

First of all, Palm Sunday is a religious feast-day. But beside the religious meaning it always makes people call the one who gets out of bed last this day the "Palmesel" (palm donkey). This is because the donkey is said to be a lazy and easy-going animal. So never get up to late that day (Sunday before Easter), else someone might call you the "Palmesel".
Or simply appeal to the bible: "The latter will be first!"


In true Bavarian style Easter is celebrated with a mixture of ancient traditions and 21st century goodies: “Palmbüscheln” to be blessed on Palm Sunday, Easter Bunny (Osterhase), coloured eggs, kids searching for eggs kindly left by the “Osterhase”, roast lamb lunch, Easter lamb cake and more.


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