About Bavaria

Our travel guide will help you with any questions you may have about getting to Bavaria, planning your holiday and whilst you are there. We have a whole range of practical information on hand all about getting to Bavaria, transport to and around the state, the weather and lots more about our wonderful state and its people.

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Each destination is distinctive in character, and you can easily visit ... Details

Tower of castle Neuschwanstein

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All you want to know on holiday routes in or running through Bavaria e.g. ... Details

Bavarian veal sausage

Bavarian cuisine - food and drink »

Enjoy a culinary trip through Bavaria with our food and drink tips and ... Details

Typical bavarian sky: blue and white

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Weather information, the best time to visit Bavaria and weather service ... Details

Old town hall

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Our tips for your holiday in Bavaria - Nuremberg, Regensburg, ... Details

King Ludwig II

History »

A brief history of Bavaria with the most important events from way back ... Details

Topographic map of Bavaria

Geography »

Bavaria, home to 12.5 million inhabitants, is located in the southeast of ... Details

Bavarian costumes and traditions

Traditions and customs »

Background information on Bavarian customs, life style and traditions ... Details

Bavarian language - Sapperlot

Bavarian language »

Bavarian (in German: Bayerisch) belongs to the Upper German languages ... Details

Elisabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary

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About famous Bavarians and Germans: Bavaria’s rich, most-known famous ... Details

Flag of Bavaria

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Information about Bavaria as free state and it's governement, local ... Details

Coat of arms and flags of Bavaria

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Bavaria's state colours are white and blue. More about the traditional ... Details

Souvenirs from Bavaria

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Unique shopping in the official shops of the Bavarian Palaces. Details


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Selection of impressive, amazing and sometimes even curious records created ... Details