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We have compiled a special “Delicious Bavaria” glossary of Bavarian delicacies. “Delicious Bavaria” will introduce to Bavaria’s culinary diversity in its most sumptuous and traditional form (background information and tales relating to some of the most well-known and well-loved regional and international specialities).

Find here food recipes from authentic Bavarian cuisine: potato salad or warm red cabbage salad, delicious bread soup, Bavarian "Obatzda" and "Bofflamot", traditional potato dumplings, gorgeous pancake with caramelised apples, mouth-melting Bavarian Cream with Strawberries and many more. 

"Delicious Bavaria" – a festival of the senses!

Real Bavarian cheese made in the Ammergauer Alps

Allgäuer Bergkäse or Allgäu mountain cheese »

Aromatic-piquant cheese (minimum dry matter: 62%) from untreated cow milk.

Different types of Bavarian beer

Bavarian beer »

An alcoholic drink, colour from light to dark, with alcohol content from < 0.5 - 9 vol. % and, according to the type of beer, a fine bitter to malty-aromatic taste.

Bavarian blue mould cheese

Bavarian blue mould cheese »

The description “blue mould cheese” indicates a soft cheese which has been matured through the mould fungus “Penicillium roqueforti” whereby the fungus develops inside the cheese and not on the surface.

Bavarian crème

Bavarian crème »

As dessert with compote, fresh berries or strawberry syrup.

Bavarian "Weißwurst" and sweet mustard

Bavarian sweet mustard (Bayerischer Süßer Senf) »

Bavarian sweet mustard is a convenience product manufactured on the basis of mustard corns and used for flavouring food, especially the Munich Weißwurst (white sausage) and the Bavarian Leberkäse (liver meatloaf).

Basket with fresh Bavarian pretzels

Bavarian pretzels »

The pretzel is a permanent part of the Bavarian bread-based snack culture.

Enjoy wonderful Franconian wines

Bavarian wine of Franconia - Frankenwein »

All about the main growing areas for the region’s world-famous red and white wines and the most important wine varieties of Franconia in Bavaria, Germany.

Alpine gentian schnapps

Bavarian Gebirgsenzian or mountain gentian spirit »

Bavarian Gebirgsenzian or mountain gentian spirit is a clear schnapps with 40 vol. % alcohol content, produced from the roots of the Alpine gentian plant.

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Giant pretzel © BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing

Bavarian recipes »

Find here food recipes from authentic Bavarian cuisine: potato salad, ...

Obaztn mit krossem Walnussbrot und Eiszapfen-Radieserl-Salat