Water fun and games in Bavaria

Did you know that 9 of Germany’s 10 highest waterfalls are in Bavaria; or that the upper reaches of the river Isar are home to a greater diversity of flora and fauna than almost any other riverscape in Europe; or that Tölzer Land in Bavaria is home to the longest raft slide in the whole world?

When you think of Bavaria your mind first turns to mountains, forests and lush green mountain pastures. But we also have plenty of aqua activities on offer, too. For example, due to its fantastic winds, Lake Walchensee in Tölzer Land is considered Bavaria’s DAS sailing and surfing Eldorado. Whilst a thrilling high-speed trip down the world’s longest raft slide is something to be enjoyed by young and old alike. The slide is 360 m long and drops some 18 metres in height during the trip. Lake Funtensee in Berchtesgadener Land is a particularly refreshing dip as it is known for being one of Germany’s coldest pools with the waters rarely reaching more than 10 - 12 degrees Celsius. Not far is another lake that makes the world’s top list: Lake Königssee is one of the cleanest lakes in the world. Whilst in the surrounding area the Röthbach waterfall is definitely worth a visit. With a drop of some 470 metres its claim to fame is that it is Germany’s highest waterfall. The Königsbach waterfall at the eastern end of the lake is also worth seeing. The Kuhflucht waterfalls in Farchant are also a must: the three drops of the falls together sum up to an amazing 270 metres making the falls the most spectacular in Germany.

The Tegernsee Schliersee region of the Alps is home to the next lake highlight: Lake Spitzingsee. Totalling some 28 hectares it is Bavaria’s largest high mountain lake. The Franconian Forest boasts 800 years of water and environmental protection measures. In former times rafts transported industrial goods all the way to Amsterdam and rafting became one of the region’s major lines of business.

Whilst in Herrsching on Lake Ammersee you can stroll along Germany’s longest lakeside promenade, at the Lake Chiemsee Reggae Festival that annually draws some 30,000 visitors you can be part of Europe’s largest reggae festival. Or why not enjoy a canoe trip down the river Altmühl that is renowned for being one of Germany’s most leisurely rivers. From Bavaria’s easternmost border right across to the westernmost tip of the Allgäu there is a myriad of opportunities to enjoy every facet of water.

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Lake Chiemsee - Bavarian Sea in Germany © Sabine Weinhardt