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Bavaria is a great place to visit whatever the season but maybe the very best time to see all the wonders the state has to offer is in the summer months of July to September. In winter the foothills and mountains of Bavaria are snow-covered from December through to February and sometimes even well into April on some of the higher slopes. Spring has a charm all of its very own when the landscape bursts into bloom after its cold winter sleep whilst autumn is the season when all is awash with gold. Away from the hustle and bustle of the high season months is a good time to enjoy the towns and countryside of Bavaria in peace and quiet.

Germany has four very clearly defined seasons with warm summers and cold winters. Average temperatures in summer are in the region of 25-30°C (highest temperatures in July), whilst in winter the average is around 0 to –5°C (lowest temperatures in January). The warmest month is usually July whilst the coldest is mainly January. The mercury drops below zero on approximately 100 days in the year whilst annually the state enjoys some 1600 to 1900 hours of sunshine. Every month has its share of precipitation on an average of 14 days per month.

Weather service

From the current weather service, through information on ozone concentrations, bioweather and pollen counts in easily understandable map form, to the 7-day preview and current weather and panorama pictures, the following online services offer you comprehensive information on the weather in Bavaria!

Unfortunately the contents of the following websites are only in German.

Map of the TV panorama camera sites

TV Panorama cameras from Bavaria »

Up-to-date panorama pictures and weather information from various Bavarian locations, including, for example: Oberstdorf, Oberjoch, Füssen, Tegernsee, Berchtesgaden and a few more can be found on the following Internet page!

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Weather page of Bayerischer Rundfunk (German only) »

The BR web page offers you, as well as a comprehensive weather report and a 7-day weather preview, weather information from north and south Bavaria, together with a map of the various weather stations in Bavaria!

Logo WetterOnline - Bayern

WetterOnline (German only) »

WetterOnline provides you with a forecast map for the whole Free State with information on ozone concentrations, pollen counts and bioweather, the current data for many Bavarian locations, and statistical retrospectives.

The Best of Bavaria - Top partners »

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